How To Make Money On Robinhood?

Making money on Robinhood is very easy. Here the different ways to making money on the commission-free trading platform.
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how to make money on robinhood

You've been hearing about this popular trading platform, how users make money from it and you're wondering how to make money on Robinhood.

It isn't a difficult thing, in fact, it is easy to make money on Robinhood provided you understand the basics about the platform. A beginners guide to understanding Robinhood should help you understand everything about the commission-free trading platform.

For those looking to invest in stocks to make money, stock markets and index funds are essential.

While it may seem simple to become wealthy through stock investments, it is also possible to lose money. Diversifying your investments would be beneficial for reducing risk.

However, the first question that should come in mind is; how do you invest in stocks? A simple-to-use app called Robinhood allows you to buy any stock from your smartphone without paying a commission.

When you sign up for the app, which is free to use, or when you refer a friend, you also get free stock. That's a way of making money on Robinhood, but that's not what Robinhood stands for, it's not a "refer and earn" platform rather, its a Fintech company that allows users invest stocks on the platform.

Now, what should you do next to start making money on Robinhood appropriately? How to make $100 a day on Robinhood?

This article focuses on showing all possible ways to make money on Robinhood.

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How to Make Money on Robinhood?

By investing in dividend-paying stocks, you can make money on Robinhood. The dividends can then be reinvested to generate compound interest. In addition, you can profit from asset appreciation.

In other words, you make more money selling something at a higher price than you that you use to but it. For instance, your gain would be $120 per share if you purchased Apple stock for $30 per share and sold it for $150 per share.

There are two wise approaches to making money on Robinhood. Earn money first through dividends and then, use the "buy low, sell high" principle to make money on Robinhood.

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1. Through Dividends

A dividend is the amount of money that a business divides to its shareholders out of its earnings. When a business pays dividends, it distributes its profits to its shareholders rather than reinvesting them.

A percentage of the stock price is used to determine the dividend payment. They may also be known as the dividend yield. If you purchased 1,000 shares of a company with a $0.50 annual dividend, for instance, you would receive $500 in dividend income each year.

Reinvesting dividend income is an option that Robinhood provides. You will receive an extra share if you choose this.

Your upcoming dividend payment is greater than the one before it.

2. Asset Appreciation

An asset's value increases through appreciation.

For instance, if you spend $10 on a product and sell it for $15, your net profit will be $5.

Similar to this, using asset appreciation as a means of profiting from Robinhood stock investments is a wise course of action. You sell high after buying low.

To use this strategy, you must foresee which stocks will increase in value and when to sell them. For a complete understanding, you should look at the independent analyst ratings for Robinhood. You can use these to make wiser purchasing choices.

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3. Crypto Investing

Users of Robinhood can trade in cryptocurrencies to make money as well. However, with cryptocurrencies, you can profit from asset appreciation.

It's likely that you'll make some money given how volatile the cryptocurrency market is. However, there is also a chance that it will cost you money. Investments should therefore only be made after careful research.

4. Robinhood IPO Access

Users of Robinhood, or regular investors, are able to invest in IPOs and make money.

Users can request the number of shares they want to buy and check which IPOs are currently available. Rest assured, it functions much like asset appreciation.

5. Interest on Savings

Users of Robinhood's cash management product can earn interest on their unused funds. On their account deposits, users of the platform can earn interest.

Additionally, it offers users a one-stop shop for paying bills, sending checks, getting paid, and earning interest. To launch these features, Robinhood collaborated with the banks that are FDIC-insured.

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What Is the Fastest Way To Make Money in Robinhood?

Purchasing exchange-traded funds (EFTs) on Robinhood is the quickest way to make money on Robinhood.

They give you stock market exposure without requiring you to purchase individual shares.

Of course, purchasing an ETF that mimics the market index, such as Vanguard's Total Stock Market Fund, would be beneficial.

Because the stock market yields about 10% annually, you should hang onto your money for a long time after purchasing the ETF.

Capital gains tax must be paid each time you sell stock for a profit. You can keep your money for the long term in order to avoid this.

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How Much Can You Make With Robinhood?

So, if you had invested $10,000 in Apple stock back in February 2015, when Robinhood first launched, it would now be worth $14,360. In approximately 25 months, that equates to a return of 56 percent ($340 per month).

For comparison, the same sum would be worth $14,345 if invested in an ETF that tracks the S&P 500, such as SPY. There's not much there, but remember that the money you don't invest with Robinhood will earn interest somewhere else.

You must invest more money in Robinhood in order to increase your profits. There are a few simple methods for doing that:

  • Don't spend the free money they give you; instead, just pay interest on it. The amount? Because Apple currently has a 5 percent dividend yield, the $10,000 investment would generate an additional $500 annually.
  • Put your money in a bank that offers interest. The best option in this case is probably Ally Bank, which offers up to a $150 sign-up bonus and a current savings account yield of 1.35 percent. In order to open their checking account, which also offers interest, you must deposit more than $15,000.
  • A high yield savings account from a reputable bank, like Barclays or Synchrony Bank, should receive some of your money. They both offer up to a $200 sign-up bonus and charge 1 percent interest. If I recall correctly, there is no fee for the initial transfer, but there is for returning the money.

There is a catch: due to the way Ally interacts with external banks, you cannot purchase stocks using an external bank account. You can do this to add more money to Robinhood and use the interest you will be earning on it. After transferring the funds to Ally, you must take them out of that external bank.

How to Make $100 a Day on Robinhood?

Making $100 a day on Robinhood shouldn't be difficult.

You can make $100 a day on Robinhood or even more through dividends and asset appreciation.

Crypto trading can also let you make $100 a day on Robinhood provided you're always aware of the market values.

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How Long Does It Take To Make Money on Robinhood?

With Robinhood, you can almost instantly make money. When your stock increases in value, it is immediately reflected in your account after the market closes (5 minutes before midnight UTC).

Within one business day, the money will appear in your account if you sell a stock for more money than it was originally worth. The money can then be used to purchase another stock right away.

I think it's treated as a short-term gain if you own a stock for less than a day, and the tax rate is comparable to your standard income tax bracket. If you keep it for more than a day, there is no tax due.

The proceeds from stock sales are transferred into your Robinhood account. But it will take roughly five business days if you want to transfer the money to your bank account.

Before you can withdraw money from Robinhood after selling free referral stock, 30 days must pass.

How Long does it Take for Money to Leave Robinhood?

It will take approximately 5 business days for the money to leave your account if you sell all of your stocks. Because Robinhood is unable to send the money outside of their platform, it will remain in limbo during that time.

There is no charge for this, but Robinhood will charge a $10 account closure fee if you sell enough shares to lower your account balance to less than $2,000 in value.

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What About Commissions on Robinhood?

You won't be charged a commission when buying or selling stocks through Robinhood. Other brokerages charge around $7 per trade (plus $20 in many cases if you're not an active trader), so this might be the only way they can make money.

You can borrow up to double the amount in your account ($20,000 in this case), pay $6 a month for Robinhood Gold, and sell stocks short (bet that the price goes down).

Additionally, you have the option of trading on margin, allowing you to purchase stocks using funds that are not actually in your account.

How do I Double My Money on Robinhood?

On Robinhood, there are a few ways to double your money.

You can sell a stock short and essentially double down on it if the price of the stock declines if you play the Robinhood Gold game and borrow more money.

But unless you can borrow and sell quickly, this isn't a good way to double your money because you'll have to pay interest on that loan from Robinhood (before the price goes back up).

A short-term gain is considered when you own a stock for less than a day, and the tax rate is similar to your standard income tax bracket. If you keep it for more than a day, there is no tax due.

If the price drops by 50% when you short a stock or buy on margin, your investment will double.

So, for instance, if you invest $1,000 in one share of Google and it drops to $500, your investment has doubled! Normally, there is a risk involved, so proceed with caution.

Final Thoughts

Robinhood is a well-known commission-free trading platform that lets you trade without having to pay anything. Taking advantage of this commission-free services offered by the Robinhood is a major step to start making money on Robinhood.

With that said, you can use any of the ways listed in this guide to make money on Robinhood right away.

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