How To Get Free Money On My Debit Card Now

Looking to get free money on your debit card now? Here are the best options you have.
Tebid Kelly
get free money on my debit card now

There are plenty of ways to get free money nowadays and a debit card isn't a straightforward way to get started. In a nutshell, they are payment cards designed for making payments. They neither come pre-loaded with money (unlike prepaid cards) nor offer cashback programs (unlike credit cards).

If you're looking to get free money on your debit card now, you'll have to extend your searches to other financial tools. Thankfully, this guide compiles all you need to get free money on your debit card.

Can I Get A Free Debit Card With Money On It?

As earlier mentioned, no debit card comes with free money pre-loaded on it. Typically, cards that come with money loaded on them are prepaid and there are only a few issuers that offer this kind of cards. So if you need a debit card with money on it, you can consider prepaid debit cards that work more like any normal debit card but with the convenience of having a balance that will let you store money.

Finding prepaid debit cards with free money on them isn't an everyday job. However, there are a few options. For example, FamZoo offers a prepaid debit card known as the family funding card that comes with a preloaded amount of $5-$50. The downside, however, with this card is its fee structure as you'll typically be paying $5.99 as monthly fees. You can save on fees by paying upfront for 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months plan.

Other Ways To Get Free Money On Your Debit Card (Walkarounds)

While you cannot directly find a debit card with free money preloaded on it. The sad reality is you need to put in some work and strategies to earn free money which you can transfer to the card.

That said, here are some of the best ways to get free money on your debit card.

1. Debit Cards with Cash Back Programs

Many banks and financial institutions offer debit cards that reward you with a percentage of your spending back in cash. This cashback can accumulate over time and be deposited directly to your debit card. However, the reward rate is usually minimal (think 1-2%), so it's a slow and steady earner, not a quick fix.

2. Cash Back Apps

Apps like Rakuten or Ibotta allow you to earn cashback on purchases at specific stores or on certain categories of items. You then link your debit card to the app, and the cashback gets deposited into your account after a purchase (with some restrictions). While not immediate, it can add up with strategic use.

3. New Bank Account Promotions

Some banks offer sign-up bonuses for opening a new checking or savings account. These bonuses can range from $25 to hundreds but typically require meeting specific criteria, like maintaining a minimum balance or making a certain number of transactions within a set timeframe.

4. Referral Bonuses

Certain financial apps or services might offer referral bonuses when you sign up using a friend's code. While not a massive sum, it can be a small, quick deposit to your debit card. However, this relies on convincing someone to sign up as well.

Final Thoughts

The internet is flooded with plenty of ways to get free money and if you've gone through a couple of these ways, you should agree with me that a debit card isn't mentioned as a viable option.

While debit cards don't come preloaded with free money, there are a couple of ways to get free money on your debit card, including through cashback programs and apps, bank account promotions, and referral bonuses. If you prefer sticking to the old traditional method, you can get a prepaid debit card like the FamZoo family funding card which comes with free money loaded onto it.

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