Best Prepaid Credit/Debit Card for Online Shopping Australia

This article compiles the best prepaid cards for online shopping and where you can buy the prepaid cards at affordable prices.
best prepaid card for online shopping australia

Online shopping is rapidly growing as many businesses bring their catalogs online to serve a wider population. Australia is one of the best countries with a very good online present in all industries. This is why, getting a prepaid credit or debit card for online shopping in Australia can be really important if you shop online in the country.

If you are a shopper who shop internationally, then prepaid cards for international shopping is ideal for you. These cards can be used to shop on any site in the world as long as they accept Visa and MasterCard payments.

Shopping with prepaid credit cards offers plenty of advantages such as security. These cards are designed to be used for transactions involving cards.

If you are looking to get a prepaid credit or debit card for online shopping in Australia, then you are in the right place as we will guide you on where you should buy a prepaid credit or debit card in Australia for online shopping.

What is a Prepaid Card?

A prepaid debit card works similarly to a gift card in that it allows you to spend the amount of money on the card. You can refill the card online or at an ATM, a participating retailer, or another physical place once the balance has been depleted. Prepaid debit cards are issued by banks and branded by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, among other major credit card providers.

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Best Prepaid Credit/Debit Card for Online Shopping Australia

You definitely need a prepaid card to shopping online in Australia. Below are some options you have for prepaid cards for online Shopping in Australia

1. Australia Post Travel Platinum Mastercard

Everything you need to prepare for your travel abroad is available from Australia Post. Foreign currency, a travel money card, traveler's cheques, and international money transfers are all available from Australia Post. Australia Post offers foreign travel insurance, a unique SIM card for usage abroad, and the ability to keep your mail until you return home.

Australia Post Cash Passport Platinum cardholders can spend in 11 international currencies wherever Mastercard is accepted, similar to the Multi-Currency Cash Passport. USD, EUR, GBP, NZD, CAD, THB, HKD, SGD, JPY, AED, and AUD are among them. When you put money onto your card, the current exchange rate is locked in. If your flight is delayed, your platinum travel card also comes with two complimentary admission passes to LoungeKey lounges or restaurants.

You can register for a 3-month membership of free global Wi-Fi supplied by Boingo Wi-Fi when you fill your card with AUD$100 or a foreign currency equivalent. 'My Account', like other travel cards, allows you to quickly manage your account, top up your funds, and examine your transaction history.

The Australia Post Travel Platinum Mastercard is a great option for prepaid cards for online shopping in Australia.

2. CommBank Travel Money Card

The Commonwealth Bank, or 'CommBank,' is one of Australia's main financial service providers and one of the country's most well-known financial brands. Home loans, credit cards, personal loans, transaction accounts, and term deposits are just some of the retail banking services they offer.

The group also provides telephone banking services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and has one of Australia's largest EFTPOS and ATM networks (not overseas). They're also a leader in Australia's online financial services, including services like NetBank, Commsec, and the CommBank app.

The CommBank Travel Money Card is meant to be a simple and cost-effective way to get money anywhere in the world.

You can load up to 13 currencies on this prepaid, reloadable debit Mastercard at once, allowing you to lock in exchange rates before you travel. You can also use the card anywhere Mastercard is accepted, which is more than 38 million establishments.

CommBank Travel Money Card is yet another great prepaid card for online shopping in Australia.

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3. Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard

The Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard is a travel money solution that makes spending foreign cash simple. Prepaid debit cards allow you to lock in currency rates before you travel, allowing you to budget more effectively and avoid foreign transaction costs.

When traveling or shopping online with an international store, Cash Passport cards can be used at over 29 million locations in 60 countries within the Mastercard network. Cash Passport offers a variety of easy, secure, and affordable prepaid cards that may be used for international purchases (online shopping).

4. Qantas Travel Money

The Qantas Cash card is a prepaid Mastercard that can be loaded with up to 11 currencies at once, thanks to a partnership between Qantas and Heritage Bank Limited.

This multi-currency travel card also serves as your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership card and may be used at over 35 million sites across the world.

Where to Buy Prepaid Visa Cards Australia

There are no many prepaid visa card providers in Australia. Rather, you can consider checking out the Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard which comes with numerous benefits and recommended by many experts.

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Final Thoughts

Australia is one of the countries that have a great online presence — which is why, as an international shopper, you will need prepaid cards for online shopping. This article compiles the best prepaid cards you can use for online shopping in the country.

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