Does Smiths Take Apple Pay?

Wondering whether does Smiths take Apple Pay? Here's the answer you need.
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does smiths take apple pay

Are you looking to pay for your favorite groceries at Smith with Apple Pay? If you're a tech-savvy shopper who loves the convenience of Apple Pay, it's just normal to think that way.

But the answer may be a little disappointing for you—Smiths does not currently take Apple Pay as a payment method.

While Apple Pay is becoming increasingly popular among stores, Smith's isn't one of the stores that have adopted this payment method.

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Why Doesn't Smith's Take Apple Pay?

It's unclear why Smith's doesn't take Apple Pay because the company hasn't mentioned any information about the adoption of this payment method.

However, Smith's offers its own digital payment solution, Kroger Pay—which typically offers the same contactless experience as Apple Pay. So this should typically be the main reason why Smith doesn't accept other digital payment solutions such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Besides that, here are some of the reasons why we think Smith's doesn't take Apple Pay:

  • Legacy technology: Implementing Apple Pay might require significant adjustments to the existing payment infrastructure, potentially requiring substantial investments.
  • Transaction fees: Apple Pay charges merchants a small fee for each purchase. For a large grocery chain like Smiths, these fees could add up significantly.
  • Focus on existing solutions: As mentioned, Smiths already offers Kroger Pay, which might be seen as a competitor to Apple Pay in their eyes.
  • Consumer adoption: While Apple Pay has widespread adoption, it's possible that a significant portion of Smiths' customers don't use it, making its implementation less impactful.

What Forms Of Payment Does Smiths Accept?

Smiths accepts a couple of other payment methods, including:

  • Kroger Pay: Kroger Pay is a mobile payment service offered by Kroger, providing customers with a fast, contact-free, and secure way to make payments at participating locations within the Kroger Family of Companies.
  • Credit and debit cards: All major cards are accepted, offering a familiar and universally accepted option.
  • Cash: Never goes out of style, and is always accepted at all checkout lanes.
  • Gift cards: Perfect for personal use or gifting, redeemable for groceries and other in-store purchases.

Final Thoughts

While Apple Pay isn't currently available at Smiths, the story is far from over. Stay informed about any updates, voice your preference to Smiths, and embrace the available convenient payment options.

The future of Apple Pay at Smith's remains unwritten, and with continued progress and consumer demand, it might soon become a reality.

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