Does Family Dollar Take Apple Pay?

Are you looking to checkout with Apple Pay at Family Dollar? Find out whether does Family Dollar take Apple Pay.
Tebid Kelly
does family dollar take apple pay

Ah, Family Dollar. The treasure trove of everyday essentials, surprise finds, and, let's be honest, some truly eyebrow-raising items. But when it comes to checkout, does this discount champion embrace the modern world of contactless payments with Apple Pay?

Fortunately for us discount lovers, Family Dollar does take Apple Pay as a payment method.

Family Dollar's April 2020 announcement through their official website and social media channels (Twitter and Facebook) revealed the exciting news: they were now accepting tap-to-pay or contactless payments. This move proved particularly significant during the COVID-19 crisis, offering customers the increased convenience they desired, enhancing their shopping experience with reduced contact.

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But Why the Confusion?

The Apple Pay acceptance at Family Dollar isn't exactly plastered everywhere. They haven't rolled out national campaigns or plastered their stores with glowing neon Apple logos. So, you might have faced some confusing situations:

  • Lack of prominent signage: Some Family Dollar locations might not have clear signage explicitly mentioning Apple Pay as an accepted payment method. Don't be shy, ask the cashier!
  • Mixed experiences: The rollout of Apple Pay might still be ongoing at some stores. You might encounter colleagues who swear it worked for them at one location but not another. Be patient and give it a try at your local store.

How To Use Apple Pay At Family Dollar

Now you know Family Dollar takes Apple Pay, you may be wondering how you can use Apple Pay for making payments at your Family Dollar store.

Fortunately for you, here are the steps to using Apple Pay at Family Dollar:

  1. Double-check: Before heading out, confirm that your preferred debit or credit card is set as the default payment method in your Apple Wallet.
  2. Eyes peeled: Look for the contactless payment symbol (a wave-like icon) at the checkout terminal.
  3. Tap and go: Hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the symbol until you see a confirmation message on your device and the cashier's screen. That's it!
  4. Alternatives: No symbol? Don't fret, ask the cashier if they still accept Apple Pay. They might need to manually input the amount for you to authorize on your device.

What Other Payment Options Does Family Dollar Accept?

Besides, contactless payment options such as Apple Pay, Family Dollar accepts a couple of other payment options, which include:

Credit Cards:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Family Dollar Credit Card

Debit Cards:

  • PIN-based debit cards from major banks and networks
  • Family Dollar Debit Card

Prepaid Cards:

  • Visa gift cards
  • Mastercard gift cards
  • Reloadable prepaid cards issued by major networks

Contactless Payments:

  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay


  • U.S. currency, including bills and coins

Gift Cards:

  • Family Dollar gift cards


  • Some Family Dollar locations may accept checks from local banks with proper identification.
  • Certain government assistance programs like SNAP/EBT may be accepted at specific locations as authorized by local regulations.

Please note:

  • Payment options may vary slightly depending on the specific Family Dollar location.
  • Always check with the cashier or consult the store's website for the latest information on accepted payment methods.

Final Thoughts

With the cat out of the bag (or should we say, the phone out of the pocket?), expect Family Dollar to embrace Apple Pay more openly in the future. This includes clearer signage, employee training, and potentially even integration with their app for additional seamlessness.

So, the next time you're on a mission for household essentials, family fun finds, or just your weekly dose of quirky surprises, remember, your iPhone is your ticket to check out bliss at Family Dollar. Tap away, budget warriors, and enjoy the convenience!

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