What Cards And Banks Does Klarna Accept? A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking to shop with Klarna but wondering what cards it accepts? Here's a list of cards and banks accepted by Klarna.
Tebid Kelly
what cards does klarna accept

Klarna is gradually becoming the new Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) trend in the financial ecosystem. It lets you split the cost of your purchase into four fee-free installments.

If you're considering using Klarna as a payment method for your online purchases, you might be wondering which cards are accepted by Klarna.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the cards that Klarna accepts.

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What Cards Does Klarna Accept?

Klarna is a popular Buy Now, Pay Later service that allows users to make purchases and pay for them in installments. To facilitate a smooth payment process, Klarna accepts a range of major debit and credit cards. Here are the cards that Klarna accepts:

  • Visa.
  • Mastercard.
  • Discover.
  • Maestro.

It's important to note that while Klarna accepts these major debit and credit cards, pit does not accept prepaid cards—not just yet, though we're expecting future acceptance for prepaid cards.

Additionally, it's worth mentioning that Capital One does not support Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) products offered by Klarna.

Does Klarna Accept Amex Cards?

Yes, Klarna does accept American Express (Amex) cards. This means you can use your Amex card to make payments through Klarna.

However, note that AMEX cards are not accepted when creating a One-time card.

What Banks Does Klarna Accept?

Klarna accepts most US banks. In essence, if a bank is established, then its products should be accepted by Klarna.

Below are some major, local, and regional banks accepted by Klarna.

Major Banks Accepted by Klarna

  • Bank of America.
  • JPMorgan Chase.
  • Wells Fargo.
  • Citibank.
  • Capital One.
  • PNC Bank.
  • TD Bank.
  • US Bank.
  • SunTrust Bank.
  • BB&T.
  • Synchrony Bank
  • WebBank
  • Deutsche Bank.
  • HSBC.

Regional & Local Banks Accepted By Klarna

In addition to the major banks mentioned above, Klarna also accepts accounts from various regional and local banks. Some of these include:

  • Ally Bank
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • KeyBank
  • Regions Bank
  • Santander Bank
  • Huntington Bank
  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • Discover Bank
  • and many more.

Final Thoughts

Klarna is a popular BNPL service in the finance industry.

If you're looking to use your bank card with Klarna, you'll be happy to know that Klarna does support most bank cards including; Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Maestro, and Amex cards.

So open the Klarna app, link your bank card, and start shopping right away.


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