How to Get Free Virtual Credit Card for PayPal Verification

This article compiles the best free VCC providers where you can get free virtual credit card for PayPal verification.
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free virtual credit card for paypal verification

If you are someone that frequently shop online, then you must have heard of handy mobile wallets such as PayPal. PayPal makes it possible to securely purchase goods and services online. However, you must have a bank account or bank card linked to your PayPal to receive and send money. PayPal makes it easy for you to get paid and to have your account unrestricted from transactional features, you will definitely need a free virtual credit card for PayPal verification.

With a bank account linked to your PayPal account, you can easily transfer money from your PayPal funds to your bank account. Bank accounts are not the only way to verify a PayPal account. Bank cards make it even easier to verify your PayPal account.

With virtual credit cards also known as prepaid virtual cards issued from trusted providers, you can easily verify your PayPal account and start using PayPal to its fullest. You can even get the PayPal virtual card also known as a PayPal key once you must have verified your PayPal account. Here is the PayPal key setup guide.

PayPal is accepted by many merchants all over the world and according to Statista, PayPal had over 325 million active users all over the world in the first quarter of 2020.

You might be one of them, or are you still planning to open a verified PayPal account? No matter your situation, if you plan on dealing with PayPal, then you will need a free virtual credit card for PayPal verification.

That said, in this article, I will show you the best free virtual credit card providers where you can get free virtual credit card for PayPal verification and start using PayPal's full features such as the PayPal key.

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Free Virtual Credit Card For PayPal Verification

A free virtual credit card for PayPal verification can tend to be very important to complete your account setup and makes online shopping more secure. People may not be aware of virtual credit cards or have never heard of them.

A virtual credit card is not physically identical to a credit card. It is a virtual card, so it isn't actually a card. A virtual credit card is simply an expendable credit card that is set aside for the few minutes required to do online shopping.

Everything can now be purchased online, so you will never need to go to a shop or store to purchase something. The advantage of a free virtual credit card for PayPal verification is that it makes the purchasing more safe.

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Why Do You Need a Free Virtual Credit Card for PayPal Verification

When you use PayPal to complete an online payment, you shouldn't feel uneasy. Instead, you can receive a free virtual credit card and rest easy knowing that your personal information will not be disclosed.

Another useful feature is the ability to set a spending restriction, which means that not all of the funds in your PayPal account will be available for withdrawal. This is especially crucial if you're dealing with a shady merchant or service provider who might try to take advantage of you—even if they charge you more than you should, the spending limit will safeguard you.

Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers for PayPal Verification

We have compiled the best virtual credit card providers that offer free virtual credit card for PayPal verification. They are as follows:

1. Netteler - Virtual Credit Card for PayPal Verification

Neteller is a popular Virtual Credit Card that is provided free of charge to primary account holders. The free virtual credit card can be used for PayPal verification. In addition, you can use the card for other verification and even for subscription to Netflix. You can open an online account with Neteller and receive a Virtual Credit Card that works similarly to your bank account and credit card.

All you have to do now is create an account with your personal information and you'll be good to go. You can also create an account by verifying your identity by submitting your genuine ID card. After you've created an account, you'll be able to select the sort of Virtual Card you desire.

You have the option of using a Visa or MasterCard card. Both cards have useful information that isn't available on regular physical cards. The 16-digit card number, validity, and CVV information are all included in this data.

2. Netspend Virtual Card - Virtual Credit Card for PayPal Verification

NetSpend is one of the best providers that offer free virtual credit card for PayPal verification. Being a NetSpend Virtual Visa, small business prepaid master card, or prepaid MasterCard holder it wouldn't require much time to use the card.

The site, which is a popular VCC provider in the United States, offers a wide range of VCCs for personal and commercial use. The most often used VCC provider that accepts Visa and Mastercard.

Also, Netspend is fantastic when it comes to customization; if you want a physical credit card, you can choose from a wide range of card designs. If you don't want one, you can easily obtain one by logging into your account.

All you have to do now is complete the registration process, which will only take a few minutes. After that, you'll be the happy owner of a NetSpend Virtual Visa or Mastercard. The cards can be used to pay for online purchases as well as other services. Cashback services are now available through NetSpend for your business transactions.

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3. Privacy - Virtual Credit Card for PayPal Verification

Privacy is another great alternative when it comes to virtual credit cards providers. Privacy doesn't only provide virtual credit card for PayPal verification but it equally provides card that can be used to manage subscriptions to services such as Netflix, Spotify, Deezer etc.

Privacy rapidly makes safe virtual credit cards and, what's more, it fills out checkout forms for you, saving you time and money while masking your real card information.

It's all about simplicity, security, and no expenses when it comes to privacy. It's been around for a long time and is accepted by nearly every eCommerce site on the planet.

4. American Express Go - Virtual Credit Card for PayPal Verification

When it comes to credit or debit cards, American Express is one of the best. Now, the company has developed a new line-up called American Express Go, which exclusively offers virtual credit cards to facilitate online transactions anywhere in the world.

This is a best option for contractors, freelancers, recruiters, frequent travelers to get a virtual credit card to verify their PayPal business and personal accounts. Where they require virtual cards to make purchases, as opposed to real cards, out-of-country charges can be costly.

One profile can be used to create an unlimited number of virtual cards, which is ideal for businesses. The Amex mobile app keeps track of all transactions and sends a single bill to the account manager for all virtual cards.

5. ecoPayZ (ecoVirtualcard) - Free Virtual Credit Card for PayPal Verification

Ecopayz is a newcomer to the industry but yet, its free virtual credit card is one of the best you can use for PayPal verification. ecoPayZ has quickly gained traction thanks to its quick acceptance process. You don't have to keep your account open all the time when making an online purchase or transaction because this card may be used both offline and online.

EcoPayz, which is comparable to Payoneer, does not require a bank account or credit checks to create a free VCC. With one ecoPayz account, you may make limitless VCCs instantaneously with no questions asked and no additional charges. What's more, it supports three currencies (Euro, USD, and GBP), as well as a single usable card (which is deleted after the first use) and other features.

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6. Payoneer - VCC for PayPal Verification

Payoneer has been a top choice now for many years as a free virtual credit card provider for PayPal verification. Payoneer has the distinction of being an online payment gateway through which we can apply for a bank account in the United States.

Master affiliates, primarily in India, use it to collect income from Amazon. Payoneer was one of the greatest online transaction gateways around the world in the days before Paypal.

Payoneer's system is identical to Neteller's and Entropay's, in that you register your account and Payoneer automatically funds your VCC. Payoneer is now more useful for business-oriented credit cards because it allows you to register for a large number of cards at once.

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7. Wallmart Money - VCC for PayPal Verification

Wallmart, as we all know, is an international retail company. Recently, Wallmart began producing their own credit cards for their clients. Regrettably, this service is only available to citizens of the United States.

Additionally, this Wallmart Money Card can be used to pay for all online shopping sites, currency exchanges, and overseas transactions.

It also offers a variety of Virtual Credit Cards (Visa and Master) to make shopping more convenient. You may also use this free VCC from Wallmart to pay for Netflix or Amazon memberships, among other things.

It's also quite simple to sign up because no manual verification is required; simply put in your name, email, and address, and you'll be ready to go with an instant Wallmart VCC.

8. SpectroCard - VCC for PayPal Verification

You can receive your own Virtual Credit Card in less than a minute, according to the website, with no annoying verifications or prerequisites. SpectroCard is the greatest replacement for the Neteller because it has nearly same functionality.

This is a prepaid VCC that allows you to load money onto the card using direct deposits or other online transactions such as credit, debit, bitcoins, and more. However, you can use this card without adding money for free trials on services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other services.

9. DigiPulse - VCC for PayPal Verification

DigiPulse is one of the leading Free Virtual Credit Card issuers for PayPal verification which is not only free but also effective for making purchases. It's available as an app for your smartphone. DigiPulse works in the same way as a wallet. To use DigiPulse's services, you must first link your bank credit or debit card.

You can also connect your DigiPulse wallet to your web-based account and IMPS. You can use the wallet to pay for your utility bills, such as electricity, gas, post-paid bills, and direct-to-home media services, once it has been linked. You can also pay for services on any website using DigiPulse.

10. FreeCharge Go - VCC for PayPal Verification

Clients can use FreeCharge Go to complete all major internet business transactions, such as purchasing movie tickets, booking event tickets, paying for various transportation services such as taxis and metro rides, and using it for hyperlocal services such as grocery shopping, on all Indian websites. A customer can reload the card by depositing money into their FreeCharge wallet, and then use it for all of their online transactions with any online merchant in India.

FreeCharge plans to launch a marketing campaign for its free virtual credit card for PayPal verification, with targeted and personalized offers for customers based on their usage patterns. Furthermore, the company intends to expand its wallet services to non-chain businesses in the coming months.

More Alternatives to Free Virtual Credit Cards for PayPal Verification

If however, you want more virtual card providers with more features to offer, you can checkout these best reputable credit card number services. However, here are some of the greatest free virtual card alternatives (both debit and credit). Some of them are paid, but they could be beneficial if you need a temporary credit card while traveling or anything.

Free Virtual Credit Card Without Bank Account

Free Virtual Credit cards without bank account are also termed as "Virtual prepaid credit cards", "virtual Visa cards", and "virtual Mastercard debit cards".  A virtual credit card functions similarly to a conventional credit card, with the exception that it is established online. They can also be used for PayPal verification.

However, here is how to get a free virtual credit card without bank account.

Virtual Credit Card Free Without Verification

Neteller, Ezzocard, and Skrill offer instant virtual card for free. If you're looking for a card to spend little amounts, many providers also provide free virtual credit cards without verification.

Curve is a fantastic deal. Curve is a card that integrates all of your debit and credit cards into a single card that you can use from a single app. Virtual cards are free, but you must first authenticate your identity (for a modest cost) and attach another credit card to your Curve account before you can use Curve.

You can create a PayPal virtual card or PayPal Key if you live in the United States. EcoPayz is another provider that is exclusively available in the United States.

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Final Thoughts On Free Virtual Credit Card for PayPal Verification

PayPal is the most used payment gateway that helps freelancers, businesses and individuals easily get paid securely and conveniently. When you open a PayPal account, you will need to verify it with a bank account or bank card, the most convenient way is to use a virtual credit card to verify your account.

So luckily, today we find many virtual card providers such as Neteller, Netspend, Privacy, ecoPayz, who tend to provide free virtual credit cards for PayPal verification. Their virtual credit cards (VCC) may not only be used for PayPal but for any online purchase. It is pretty easy to get started with these services.

Have another suggestion? Let us know in the comments section.

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