How to Get a Virtual Bank Account for PayPal Verification [Updated]

In this practical guide, I will show you how to get a free virtual bank account for PayPal verification to send and receive money with PayPal.
virtual bank account for paypal verification

PayPal is one of the leading payment platforms in the world. To fully use PayPal services such as online payment, receiving funds or PayPal virtual card, your account needs to be verified. We will show you how to use a free virtual bank account for PayPal verification to benefit from all PayPal services. This bank account are considered as free US bank account and you can use them for PayPal verification for your PayPal US Account.

Once you verify your US PayPal account with these free us bank account providers, you can later on setup your PayPal key and get a virtual card with PayPal. It is quite easy, AiM Tutorials shows you how to do that.

Important Facts About PayPal!

  • PayPal is valued at greater than $136 billion.
  • PayPal additionally owns Venmo, a mobile payment gateway.
  • On October 21, 2020, the company introduced a new PayPal cryptocurrency service enabling its clients to buy, hold and sell Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies immediately from their PayPal account. This has been one of their great advancements since we find many rapidly joining the Crypto world.

What is a Virtual Bank Account

Virtual Bank Accounts are foreign currency accounts that function as local bank accounts. They can be used to receive money and send money to different parts of the world online, making international money transfers even easier.

They work the same way as traditional banks do but the only difference is, they do not have a local branch that you can access. However, some online bank providers issue instant debit cards to their customers at their local address.

Do you Need a US/European Virtual Bank Account for PayPal Verification?

First, let us apprehend what a virtual bank account is before looking at the best free bank account for PayPal. Digital bank account is an internet based banking solution that gives banking services while not having to walk inside a brick and mortar banking hall.

Holding a virtual bank account has allowed many individuals and business owners to gain non resident bank accounts in Europe, non resident accounts within the US, a virtual bank for migrants in Euro and also make payments through the B2B platform which includes Bitwala in international locations of which they may be not citizens. The cash sent via B2B price structures together with PayPal is easily and quickly on hand to the traders from the consolation in their homes and offices.

Virtual Bank Account Without Verification

Is it possible to get a digital bank account without verification? Verification is a critical part for holding a bank account be it online/virtual or traditional bank account. Economic guidelines require banks to confirm identification of every patron. Documents and manner needed for verification range from bank to bank and some banks have some similarities for verification. With a few virtual banks, you can efficaciously open your account without verification, however your transaction opportunities might be constrained till you finish the verification manner.

Free US/European Virtual Bank Account for PayPal

One of the best places to get a virtual bank for PayPal verification and receive money from PayPal virtual bank account is Payoneer. Payoneer is a US virtual bank account for PayPal. Payoneer allows you create free virtual bank account and get a physical prepaid MasterCard sent to your address for free and a virtual bank account for PayPal withdraw. You can swipe the card in any ATM around the world and receive your money. Payoneer’s Global Payment Service allows users to receive payments from PayPal. Therefore, Payoneer is an ideal free online bank account verify PayPal.

One of the ideal places to get a virtual bank for PayPal verification and get hold of money from PayPal virtual bank account is Payoneer. Payoneer is a US virtual bank account for PayPal. Payoneer lets you create free US virtual bank account and get a physical prepaid Mastercard despatched on your cope with for free and a virtual bank account for PayPal withdraw. 

You may swipe the cardboard in any ATM round the world and get hold of your cash. Payoneer’s Global Payment Service permits customers to receive their payment with PayPal. Consequently, Payoneer is a great free online financial institution that provides free online bank account for PayPal verification.

With a Payoneer US digital bank account, online merchants, and freelancers from around the globe can get hold of and withdraw money from an ATM near them that accepts credit card. As soon as you have got the Payoneer debit card, you can use it as your free US bank account for PayPal verification. Payoneer virtual bank account will also be your US virtual bank account for PayPal withdraw. It is, consequently, one of the first-rate free VBA for PayPal verification.

However, if you are in need of a European bank account for PayPal verification, then you can use Wise. Wise is a financial institution that woks fully online and has helped in providing banking solutions for many residents around the globe. With Wise, you can get a UK virtual bank account for PayPal verification and this will be the case for any European country. 

Thanks to its support for Multicurrency, you will be able to verify your European PayPal account and withdraw money from it. Wise is also known for providing US bank accounts that can make international transfers. With a European bank account issued by Wise, you will be able to make secure payments in the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA).

How to Verify a PayPal Account Using Payoneer

Just as we mentioned above, you are allowed to verify your PayPal account with a Payoneer card, Payoneer bank account or Community Federal Savings Bank through Payoneer. Not all options work for everyone. If you get error messages while trying these options, you should contact Payoneer for assistance via call, chat, or e-mail.

You must have funds loaded on your card from Payoneer virtual bank account for PayPal verification before you link the Payoneer card to your PayPal account. Thereafter, add the Global Payment details. This is because PayPal needs to verify your payment method before you can add the Global Payment details.

How to Get PayPal verification code / PayPal 4 digit PayPal code!

PayPal will make a small charge on your card to generate the 4-digit PayPal verification code to your card declaration. The code will will be displayed on your card statement, enter it on the PayPal official site. If you see PayPal1234CODE or PP1234CODE to your statement, then "1234" is your code. The small charge may be refunded on your card once your virtual card is confirmed or if the four-digit code is left unused for seventy five days. The refund may also take in to 30 days to appear for your card statement and this length of time depends on your card issuer.

Virtual Credit Card for PayPal Verification 2021

There are many virtual credit card providers that issue cards which are supported and accepted by PayPal. We have issuers such as Payoneer, Wise, Revolut etc. Some of them even issue and instant virtual debit card for PayPal verification equally.

How to Verify PayPal With Payoneer Card

To verify your account with Payoneer card, follow the following steps. Make sure you already have signed up for a Payoneer virtual bank account.

  • Open the wallet tab on PayPal. Select "Link a debit or credit card" on left-hand-aspect then input your Payoneer card information. PayPal will charge a small amount from your card for verification.
  • Go to your Payoneer statement. You will get to see charged amount with a four-digit code. Then, enter the four-digit code on your PayPal card section to verify it (it could take 24 hours to be shown). Your PayPal account will be connected with Payoneer debit card and verified.

How to Verify PayPal Account with Payoneer Bank Account

In order to verify PayPal account with Payoneer bank account, follow the below steps:

  • Open the Wallet tab on PayPal. Press éLink a bank accounté on left-hand-side then enter your Payoneer free us bank account details. PayPal will make two small deposits to your Payoneer USD bank account for verification.
  • Go to your Payoneer Statement where you will find the 2 deposited amounts from PayPal. Enter the 2 deposited amount separately on your PayPal bank account section to verify it. Note that it may take sometime for the deposited amount to show-up. Just be patient if it doesn't show instantly. Wire transfers usually take some days to complete.

How to Use Community Federal Savings Bank to Verify PayPal

Payoneer provides a banking solution called Community Federal Savings Bank. Now it is possible for you to open an account with this bank thanks to Payoneer which makes it suitable for non-residents. In most cases, PayPal allows account verification with the bank. The default First Century Bank that comes with a new Payoneer account does not work for PayPal verification.

To verify PayPal account with Community Federal Savings Bank, you need first to link a card to your PayPal account following the steps provided in just above. After linking your card, you need to change your US bank account to Community Federal Savings Bank.

In the event that you find that your bank account has been declined, PayPal advises you to implement the following tips:

Make sure that a card with cash on it's miles established and for your PayPal account. Why? Because if we give you every other bank, no matter what it is, it won’t work without an alternate payment method on your PayPal account (which in this example, is a card). 90% of the problems which might be confronted by this example are resolved by way of adding a card and verifying the account. Adding a card also allows a card to be verified instead of the bank. The card does not have to be a Payoneer card. It can be a personal bank card, credit card or a debit card.

Follow the below steps if only you have a credit card linked to your PayPal account:
1. Take a screenshot of the error message when you try to put the old bank details on PayPal.
2. Contact our customer support team by opening a ticket.

How to Receive Money With PayPal

PayPal makes it super easy to accept payments in various currencies such as British Pounds, Japanese Yen, Australian dollars, Mexican Pesos, and Euros among many others. PayPal customers that own a Business or Premier account have even more flexibility for managing payments in multiple currencies.

PayPal allows you to choose the currency and how you would like to accept it. When you receive payment in your preferred currency, the funds will display in your account. But when you receive payment in a different currency you can choose whether to accept or stop the payment.

  • By accepting the payment, you will get new currency balance in USD.
  • You can also accept the payment and convert it to your preferred currency; the payment is converted at a current exchange-rate.
  • You can also block the payment.

PayPal users can configure the payment receiving preferences to choose how they would like to handle incoming payments.

Final Thoughts on Free US/European Bank Account for PayPal Verification

If you intend to use PayPal, then it is crucial you get a free online bank account for PayPal verification be it a US or European bank account. You need to create virtual bank account with online banks compatible with PayPal such as Payoneer, Wise. You will be able to use your Payoneer as your virtual bank account to verify your PayPal account as well as withdraw PayPal funds. Payoneer is a secure American digital account and payment service. Alternatively, you can use a virtual credit card for PayPal verification and to withdraw your PayPal funds.

Does PayPal accept virtual banks?

Generally PayPal does not accept virtual banks but we find some exeptions such as Payoneer which in some cases is accepted by PayPal. However, you can use Wise which is a great choice for PayPal.

What banks are affiliated with PayPal?

Bank of America, BNY Mellon, BB&T, Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, Keybank, PNC, Suntrust.

How to transfer money from PayPal to bank account instantly?

In your PayPal account, click on Wallets, Click "Transfer Money." and finally, click "Transfer to your bank."

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