Walmart Buy Now Pay Later: Everything You Should Know

Walmart's Buy Now, Pay Later option is the new way to checkout. Here's everything to know about Walmart's BNPL service.
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walmart buy now pay later

In today's fast-paced world, the ability to make purchases now and pay for them later has become increasingly popular.

In fact, 17% of consumers used a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service to finance at least one purchase in 2021—according to BNPL statistics.

Walmart, one of the largest retail chains, offers a Buy Now Pay Later program to provide customers with a flexible and convenient financing option.

Yeah, so now if you weren't already aware, you can shop your favorite items at Walmart and pay for them later in different installments.

In this blog post, we will explore the details of Walmart's buy now pay later program, how it works, its benefits, and potential downsides.

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What is the Walmart Buy Now Pay Later Program?

If you're a seasonal Walmart shopper, you must have certainly come across this financial option offered by the giant retailer.

Walmart's Buy Now Pay Later program is a financing option available to customers when making a purchase. It does so through Affirm, a leading BNPL service in the Fintech industry.

It allows you to pay for a portion of your purchase upfront and receive your items immediately. The remaining balance is then paid off in installments over a specified period.

How Does the Walmart Buy Now Pay Later Program Work?

To use the Walmart Buy Now Pay Later program, you can either shop in-store or online at Walmart. If shopping in-store, you need to visit to apply for the service. For online purchases, visit

Once you have selected your items and are ready to check out, choose Affirm as your payment method. Affirm is the platform Walmart partners with for its buy now pay later services.

How To Use Walmart Buy Now Pay Later In Store

To use the Walmart Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) program in-store, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Affirm website: Before making your purchase at Walmart, you'll need to visit the Affirm website at to apply for the BNPL program.
  2. Apply for the program: On the Affirm website, you'll need to provide some information and apply for the BNPL program. This may include personal details and a credit check, as you are technically applying for a loan.
  3. Get approved: Once you've completed the application process, Affirm will review your information and provide you with a decision on whether you are approved for the BNPL program.
  4. Make your purchase: Once you are approved, you can proceed to make your purchase at Walmart. When checking out, select Affirm as your payment method.
  5. Choose your payment plan: With Affirm, you have the flexibility to choose a payment plan that works for you. You can select the duration of your installment plan, ranging from three to 48 months, depending on the cost of your eligible purchase.
  6. Complete your purchase: After selecting your payment plan, you can complete your purchase and take your items home immediately. You'll be required to make a down payment at checkout, and the remaining balance will be divided into installments that you'll pay off over time.

The buy now, pay later option with Affirm at Walmart is available for purchases ranging from $150 to $2,000. However, it's important to note that select items, such as alcohol, tobacco, groceries, pharmacy and personal care, firearms, and money services, are not eligible for purchase using Affirm.

Benefits of the Walmart Buy Now Pay Later Program

  • Flexibility: The program allows you to take home your purchases with just a down payment, making it easier to buy items when you need them, even if you don't have the means to pay in full upfront.
  • Approval for Low Credit Scores: Compared to traditional credit cards, the buy now pay later program may be more accessible for individuals with lower credit scores.
  • Interest-Free Financing: Some purchases on may be eligible for interest-free financing, meaning you won't be charged any interest when using the buy now pay later program.

Considerations and Potential Downsides

  • Credit Check: While prequalifying for the program does not impact your credit score, using Affirm for your Walmart purchase may require a credit check, as you are technically applying for a loan.
  • Fixed Interest Rates: The interest rate on your purchase could be as high as 30%, and these rates are fixed, meaning they are built into your monthly payments.
  • Late Payment Consequences: Missing a payment may harm your credit score and could impact your ability to secure another Affirm loan in the future.

Walmart Buy Now Pay Later No Credit Check

Walmart itself does not offer a financing option for your purchases. However, it partners with BNPL service providers such as Affirm and Zip to offer customers a way to split the cost of their purchases.

But do these Buy Now Pay Later that work with Walmart run a credit check?

Here is what you need to know about Walmart's financing options:

  • Affirm: Walmart partners with Affirm for its buy now, pay later services. When using Affirm, you will pay for a portion of your purchase upfront and then pay off the remainder in installments over a set period. Affirm only runs a soft pull of your credit history when you apply for their financing, but this generally does not affect your credit score.
  • Zip: Zip is another third-party vendor that offers buy now, pay later options at Walmart. Just like Affirm, Zip runs a soft credit check, which should not affect your credit score.

So to answer the question "Do Walmart's Buy Now Pay Later run a credit check?". I can say yes—meaning you may not be able to use Walmart Buy Now Pay Later if you have a rocky credit history.

Nonetheless, if you have a bad credit score and are looking to shop now and pay later, there are many Buy Now Pay Later options for those with bad credit.

Walmart Buy Now Pay Later Guaranteed Approval

While Walmart offers a Buy Now Pay Later program in partnership with Affirm, it's important to note that approval for your application is not always guaranteed.

The approval decision for the BNPL program typically depends on various factors, including your credit history and the specific terms and conditions set by Affirm.


Walmart's Buy Now Pay Later program, in partnership with Affirm, offers customers a convenient financing option for their purchases. It provides flexibility, accessibility for individuals with lower credit scores, and the potential for interest-free financing.

However, it is important to consider the potential downsides, such as credit checks, fixed interest rates, and the impact of late payments on your credit score. Before using the program, I recommend conducting a check on your financial situation to determine if it aligns with your needs and goals.

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