Does SHEIN Take Afterpay? (A Complete Guide)

SHEIN does take Afterpay—check out how to use Afterpay to pay on SHEIN.
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does shein take afterpay

The buy now pay later concept is becoming the norm in the market—Afterpay is one of the payment gateway that use this scheme, and SHEIN shoppers looking to checkout for purchases they can't instantly afford for are wondering whether does SHEIN take Afterpay.

SHEIN is a global fashion and lifestyle e-retailer committed to making the beauty of fashion accessible to all.

SHEIN is reported by Wikipedia to be the largest clothing retailer and this achievement comes from the company's commitment to offering their shoppers the best shopping experience.

This shopping experience goes together with convenience at checkout where shoppers get to choose their preferred payment method.

Afterpay is an interest-free payment option that allows you to shop now, enjoy now and pay it off in four fortnightly instalments with SHEIN

SHEIN accepts a variety of payment methods and if you're looking to pay for your purchases in interest-free instalments, you'll be happy to know SHEIN does take Afterpay.

In this guide, we'll see how to use Afterpay to pay on SHEIN.

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Does SHEIN Take Afterpay?

Yes, SHEIN does take Afterpay as a payment method.

An official statement from Afterpay on its support for SHEIN says:

SHEIN is LIVE with Afterpay!

Shopping at SHEIN has never been easier and more budget-friendly.

That being said, you have the option of paying for your order on SHEIN using Afterpay.

To do this, simply sign in to your Afterpay account and choose to pay for your order over the course of 4 equal installments, the first of which is due at the time you place your order.

There won't be any interest or penalties if the remaining installments are paid on time.

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Does Shein Aus have Afterpay?

Yes, SHEIN Aus does have Afterpay.

How to Pay at SHEIN Using Afterpay

Paying for your purchases at SHEIN is very easy and budget-friendly with Afterpay.

To pay at SHEIN using Afterpay:

  1. Shop your desired items on SHEIN.
  2. Select Afterpay at checkout as your payment method.
  3. If you already have an Afterpay account, log in and complete your checkout.
  4. If you are new to Afterpay, you can sign up while you checkout with SHEIN by following the prompts.
    You'll not have to fill long forms and you'll know you've been approved within seconds.
  5. Orders ship as soon as they would with any other form of payment, as quickly as you choose.
  6. Enjoy your purchase right away and pay over 4 fortnightly instalments.

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How Much Can I Spend With Afterpay—Afterpay Limit

When you sign into your account or app, an estimated amount you can spend will be displayed.

Generally, the maximum amount you may spend via Afterpay varies depending on how you use your account.

Your Afterpay payment history has a significant impact on how much money you can take from your account.

The following items to watch out for could affect your available spending:

  • Tenure since first order
  • The frequency of orders made 
  • Payment source
  • On time payments made
  • The frequency of on time payments made
  • Late payments
  • The frequency of late payments
  • How late a payment was made
  • How often orders get declined due to insufficient funds on the payment method on-file

Just as there are factors that could reduce your spending capacity, smart spending habits like timely payments could raise your account's spending limit.

Why is My Afterpay Not Working With SHEIN?

Most users, at times, don't find SHEIN as a payment method in the app.

This is probably because you're using an outdated version of the SHEIN app

In this case, we'll recommend you to update the SHEIN app or checkout from the SHEIN website.

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What Other Payment Methods Does SHEIN Accepts?

SHEIN accepts different payment methods for the convenience of their customers.

The following are the different payment methods accepted at SHEIN:

  • Credit/Debit cards.
  • PayPal.
  • Venmo.
  • Klarna.
  • ZiP.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we've seen how SHEIN does take Afterpay and covered steps required to use Afterpay to checkout on SHEIN.

Afterpay lets you shop now and pay later in 4 equal instalments and paying instalments in time is crucial to maintaining a healthy financial history at the same time, raising your Afterpay spending limit to qualify for higher spending.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Afterpay hurt your credit?

Afterpay may perform a soft credit check, which does not hurt your credit score. While Afterpay does not disclose its minimum credit score requirement, borrowers with bad credit or no credit are likely eligible to use Afterpay's payment plan.

What happens if you miss Afterpay payment?

If in case you miss any payment, you'll be restricted from making any further purchases with Afterpay. This is because of the company's commitment to the high standards they set themselves for responsible spending.

Do you need a credit card for Afterpay?

Afterpay does not charge any interest and does not require a credit card to complete a transaction. Afterpay is a solid choice for pay-in-four financing for consumer purchases. The app does not require a credit check and its spending limits grow over time with responsible use and on-time payments.

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